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What Do Home Inspectors Look For?

A home inspector checking a vent

When you hire a home inspector, what do they look for when looking over a house? Typically, inspectors are trying to give you an overview of the entire house, from its foundation to the roof to let you know if they find anything bad or unusual when it comes to safety issues, defects, needed repairs… Read more »

Why It’s Unwise to Skip the Home Inspection

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Some home sellers and buyers decide to skip the home inspection process for various reasons. Why is it unwise to skip it? The Importance of a Home Inspection  A home inspection is important because it’s like a doctor’s check-up– it’ll tell you if the house has any safety issues that need attention. Stuff like carbon… Read more »

Be On The Lookout For These Invisible Hazards

A home with the symbol for radon gas next to it. A magnifying glass is there to symbolize looking for radon gas.

While a cracked foundation can be easy to see, there are many tough-to-spot or even invisible hazards that you should be aware of. The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” can apply to many things- but it should never apply to home inspections! Below are some areas you should ensure your inspector can check… Read more »

When is it Time to Walk Away From a Home With Structural Issues?

Large crack in a home's foundation

Would you build a home on sinking sand? Ideally, no! You want to make sure your house has a firm foundation! Now imagine you’re thinking of buying a home, but it has “structural issues.” Should you buy it or walk away? Signs You Should Walk Away From Buying a Home With Structural Issues A home’s… Read more »

What Is Included in a Home Inspection?

Home Inspector Checking Out Basement

Getting ready to buy or sell a house in New Jersey? If so, it makes sense to have a professional home inspection done in order to get some insight regarding the current condition of the place. The house’s structure and components can be visually inspected and assessed by a professional who then provides a report… Read more »

How Does a Home Inspection Benefit Sellers?

Home inspector using tool to help home seller

You’re planning to sell your house. Have you considered having a home inspection done before you list it for sale? What are some of the benefits of home inspections for sellers? Get Ahead of Repairs When you have your home inspected, you get an idea of whether or not there are any potential repairs that… Read more »

What Home Inspectors Can and Cannot Tell You

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If you end up using the services of a home inspector, what can they tell you, and what can’t they tell you? Those are two great questions. Purpose Home inspectors take a detailed look at a house and then offer you a report. Typically, they’re looking for potential safety hazards, as well as any problems… Read more »

Who Should Be Present at a Home Inspection?

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Home inspections allow buyers to learn about major or minor issues with a home before purchasing it. Home inspections can uncover problems like mold, foundational cracks or bad wiring. Additionally, some lenders won’t give financing to buyers without there being an inspection first, so home inspections are frequent and “normal” in the real estate industry…. Read more »

How to Choose the Right Home Inspector

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 When buying or selling a home, it’s a good idea to hire a professional home inspector to look over the house and discover its good points and bad points. You can get a helpful assessment of how a house truly is thanks to a professional home inspector. What are some tips for choosing a home… Read more »

Home Inspection Myths to Ignore

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An important part of the home-buying process is the home inspection. Typically, home buyers hire a professional home inspector to look over the house in detail and essentially give it a report card, such that the buyer knows exactly what they’re getting if and when they decide to sign the papers and buy the house…. Read more »