Fireplace Inspections and Chimney Liner Installation

Chimneys and fireplaces are aesthetically pleasing assets to a home that make it warm and inviting, while also serving as a focal point in a bedroom or living room. Depending on the type of chimney and fireplace used and the upkeep, or lack thereof, these areas can also be hazardous. Cornerstone Home Inspections offers thorough and detailed chimney and fireplace inspection services in New Jersey to assess any damage or chemical build-up that may be problematic.

While fireplaces and chimneys provide a warm and cozy spot to spend with loved ones during the winter, and an elegant decorative element in the room, these areas also require upkeep to maintain their integrity. Chimneys and fireplaces that were not properly installed or that show extensive age, often endure damages that can be difficult and costly to repair. Cornerstone Home Inspections looks for cracks, damaged mortar, shifting constructions, creosote build-up and other indicators that may be symptoms of future problems.

If you are uncertain about a prospective investment or if you’re looking for an accurate assessment of potential repairs, give us a call today to schedule an inspection of a chimney or fireplace.

Chimney Inspection in New Jersey Interior Chimney Chase Inspection in NJ Cracked Chimney

Inspection Process:

  1. Exterior Chimney Chase Evaluation:
    The inspector will visually inspect the exterior chimney chase for deficiencies. This includes; missing mortar, shifting chimney, improper/damaged chimney cap, items connected to chimney, improper clearances, along with signs of possible issues with the chimney internal flue.
  2. Interior Chimney Chase Evaluation:
    This consists of evaluating the interior chimney chase (if visible) and a visual inspection of the fire box or appliance connection into the chimney.
  3. Internal Flue Evaluation:
    A camera will be sent through the chimney flue. This camera can tilt and take photos of the flue and diagnose/identify many issues that would not be known just from an external evaluation. It will also determine if during the build of the chimney items were not installed or if the chimney needs to be cleaned.
  4. Report:
    After the inspection process, the inspector will generate a report along with the photos taken during the inspection. Normally the report is emailed out that night.


Each chimney liner
1st Flue – $275
Each additional flue within same chimney – +$150*

* Under certain circumstances flues might not allow for a camera system. IE. Small flue size, unsafe, sharp bends etc. During the inspection the inspector will try all means safely possible to photograph/inspect the flue. If for some reason additional flues can not be entered, or are not requested to be inspected, additional fees will not be added.

Length of the inspection:

The entire inspection normally takes between 30 to 60 minutes. This all depends on the restrictions and amount of flues inspecting.

Repair Costs:

There is a reason why we do not include repair estimates. Cornerstone is only an inspection company. This prevents any of our inspectors from being unethical during and after the inspection. A company that performs repairs might try to “up sell” unnecessary items, bogus maintenance, and repairs that might not be needed.