If your home has a septic tank or you’re thinking about buying a home with a septic tank, it is important to learn about how they operate. Learning more about septic tanks will help you to recognize issues as they happen. Cornerstone Home Inspections in New Jersey can provide you with information on how to care for your septic tank properly.

A septic tank is a large tank designed to take wastewater from your home and remove any solids from it before disposing of it in a drain field. Those solids often remain behind in your tank in the form of sludge or scum that will eventually need to be removed. Septic tanks contain bacteria that eliminate some of that scum but it won’t all dissipate from your septic tank. At some point, you will need to have your septic tank cleaned to make room for additional waste.

Septic Tank Graphic

Cornerstone Home Inspections can provide you with information on maintenance in order to keep your septic tank operational.

When you count on a septic tank, you need to be careful about what you put into it. The only thing that should go down the drains of your home is waste; other solids can get caught in the septic tank which can cause it to malfunction. You also need to avoid putting anything down your drains that could reduce the amount of bacteria you have in your septic tank. In the event that you kill off the bacteria, your septic tank won’t work properly. Cornerstone Home Inspections can inspect your septic tank for you in order to make sure it’s functioning properly. We can also provide you with septic tank maintenance information after an inspection so that you can personally improve the way your tank works.

If you are a homeowner in New Jersey with a septic tank, we can work with you to make sure it lasts for years to come. For more information about your septic system, call your local septic system specialist.