Pricing for a home inspection depends on many variables, square footage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, if the basement is finished, whether the utilities are private or public and the age of the home. Please call to discuss the home in detail for accurate pricing.

The following would needed to properly insure we can provide the most accurate and the best price:

  • The size of the home in square footage…The exact size may not be available, an approximate size would be very helpful.
  • The amount of bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Single family or multifamily…even more helpful, the amount of kitchens.
  • No Garage or Attached or detached garage.
  • Finished basement or not.
  • Occupied or Vacant.

The cost of the other services:

  • Oil  tank sweeps for the average single family home $250
  • Sewer pipe scope, Additional if more than 1 sewer line exits the home.
  • Pool inspection $395
  • Mold testing. $150 per swab, $300 air quality testing (one room) $150 each additional room. (These prices assumes we are there for other services).