Radon Info Graph

Radon is currently one of the leading causes of lung cancer and yet, there are so many Americans living with radon in their homes simply because they are unaware of the risks or skip a simple inspection that checks for it.

Cornerstone Home Inspections can provide you with radon information so that you can protect yourself and your family from radon. We can also help to check for and eliminate radon from your home through home inspections in New Jersey.

How Does Radon Enter a Home


Radon forms naturally when uranium located in soil, rocks, and water breaks down. It’s a radioactive gas that enters the air after it has broken down, and while it doesn’t pose a real threat outdoors, it can be problematic when it seeps into a home. So how does radon enter a home? It can get through cracks located in a floor, through cavities inside of walls, and through construction joints. If your home isn’t completely sealed from the ground below, radon can often find a way inside. If radon is detected in your home, a system can be installed in order to remove it before you’re exposed.

Would you like to reduce the chances of radon affecting you and your family? Cornerstone Home Inspections in New Jersey can provide you with helpful radon information, and most importantly, an inspection. Contact us at 800-648-6187 today.