Sewer Line Inspection Services in Summit NJ When you arrange to have a home inspected, a home inspection company will evaluate the plumbing system inside of it by running water to make sure it drains properly. As long as it does, they usually won’t recommend getting plumbing work done. However, what the average inspection company won’t inspect is the sewer line that is connected to the home. Cornerstone Home Inspections can provide you with a sewer line inspection in Summit, NJ. We will conduct a full sewer camera inspection to take a look at your line and ensure its draining properly.

Sewer Camera Inspection Summit NJ



In the end, a sewer drain inspection could potentially end up saving you thousands of dollars.

In order for Cornerstone Home Inspections to do a sewer line inspection, we run a tiny camera through your pipe to look for any obstructions, damage, or improper sloping.Common Sewer Pipe Issues


Common issues:

In some cases, an older sewer line can simply crack or wither away and stop waste from flowing cleanly through it. You also may have a sewer line with a negative slope, which can cause waste to sit and build up over time. There are a variety of issues that can result in the malfunction of underground pipes including tree roots, broken or separated drain lines, low spots, and much more.


Tree roots:

Tree roots can cause sewer lines to break and back up. By conducting a sewer camera inspection, we can spot these issues for you and recommend repairs to your line. When trees start to get thirsty, they often grow towards the moisture of damaged pipes. Our sewer drain inspection might also show that your sewer line is working just fine so that you don’t have to worry about it.

HydroJet Cleaning Sewer Pipes

Broken, separated, Offset:

As mentioned, joints within a sewer line that might be offset or misaligned will often release water causing the surrounding soil to erode and the pipe to collapse over time.

Low spots in Sewer lines.


Some sewer lines have low areas where standing water collects. When water is pushed into the pipe, it eventually hits standing water where the pipe is low resulting in clogged pipes and a build-up of water and debris. Low pipes are the result of shifting soil, poor installation, broken pipes, and more.

The sewer line that is attached to your home is your responsibility so it is important to do whatever you can to make sure it’s working well. Getting a regular sewer line inspection can help.

Cornerstone Home Inspections in Summit, NJ, can finish a sewer camera inspection quickly and provide you with photographic evidence of problems found. We can also provide you with a sewer drain inspection before you buy a home so you’re aware of any issues preventing you from having to deal with a sewer line backup and the high costs that can come along with it.

To arrange a sewer camera inspection in Summit, NJ, call Cornerstone Home Inspections at 800-648-6187 today.