Oil Tank Search Equipment

Underground oil tanks may be present beneath a home with little or no indicators that it exists. Some home sellers try to hide the presence of underground oil tanks while others may not know it is on the property. Cornerstone Home Inspections performs oil tank search, sweep and inspections in Bridgewater, NJ and surrounding areas to locate these tanks on any property.

Underground oil tanks were once used in older homes to store heating oil. When the conversion to gas was made, these tanks were often abandoned or forgotten. Removing underground oil tanks can be a costly undertaking; yet leaving them on the property can be hazardous, as oil tanks lose their integrity over time and may leak. They may also cause problems for other installations you wish to make. Our inspectors utilize deep-seeking metal detectors and visual cues around the home to detect oil tanks around the property.

If you are considering purchasing an older home, get an oil tank search and sweep before you buy. Call today to schedule an appointment with Cornerstone Home Inspections.

The Oil Tank Search Process:

Underground Oil Tank SweepThe Cornerstone technician will first look outside and inside the home for clues that may indicate a past or current oil tank…i.e. the presence of an oil fired furnace, oil burner shut off switches, pipes, or lines exiting the foundation/ floor, patches indicative of oil lines etc.

Second, we utilize electronic metal detection equipment, the technician will walk the grounds (30ft around the home) searching for any buried metallic objects. The detection equipment utilized is capable of locating a metallic object up to a depth of eight (8) feet. This type of detection and visual inspections inside the home helps determine the existence of oil or storage tanks that may otherwise go undetected.

Oil Tank SearchLastly, you will get verbal confirmation that day on our findings. A written report will also be generated and emailed the same day.Contact us today to schedule an underground oil tank search for your home.

If a suspicious object is discovered it may be an abandoned tank. This can now be dealt with prior to ownership. Cornerstone Home Inspection is strictly a testing company and does not perform tank removals, so there is no conflict of interest.