What Is Included in a Home Inspection?

Home Inspector Checking Out Basement

Home Inspector Checking Out BasementGetting ready to buy or sell a house in New Jersey? If so, it makes sense to have a professional home inspection done in order to get some insight regarding the current condition of the place. The house’s structure and components can be visually inspected and assessed by a professional who then provides a report describing any problems found and offering recommendations for further evaluation if needed.


So what do home inspections typically include? The structure of the house will be examined, with an inspector looking at the state of the foundation, flooring, walls, ceilings, stairs, drainage systems and window alignment. Is there any evidence of sagging or bowing? What about the safety aspects of the house? Things like guardrails, garage door openers, fire/carbon monoxide alarms, fire sprinklers, etc., will be examined. Inspectors also check for proper drainage (ideally away from the house), as well as the condition of the grounds– the driveways, sidewalks and fences, for example. Then there’s a look at the roof regarding shingles, vents, chimneys and gutters.


As for electrical stuff, do lights and outlets work or not? Are things up to code? Plumbing gets checked with regards to pipes, water temperature, toilets, sinks, tubs and showers. If there’s an attic, how’s the insulation and ventilation? Any leaks? Heating and cooling systems are assessed, with an inspector looking at the furnace, A/C, water heater, fireplace, etc. Insulation and ventilation gets looked at, as do appliances. The basement and garage are also checked to see about their foundation(s), walls, floors, etc.

Things Usually Not Checked 

What don’t home inspectors check? Generally, they’re not in charge of looking for pests, asbestos, lead paint, toxic mold and radon gas. They’re not going to check indoor air quality, and if there’s a pool, they generally don’t check that, either.

All in all, it’s a good idea to have an inspection done when buying or selling a house. In NJ, call Cornerstone Home Inspections at 1-800-648-6187 to schedule an inspection.