Who Should Be Present at a Home Inspection?

Home Inspector Checking Out Basement

Home Inspector Checking Out BasementHome inspections allow buyers to learn about major or minor issues with a home before purchasing it. Home inspections can uncover problems like mold, foundational cracks or bad wiring. Additionally, some lenders won’t give financing to buyers without there being an inspection first, so home inspections are frequent and “normal” in the real estate industry.

During the era we’re living in, where people are afraid to be near each other for fear of catching COVID, it begs the question: Who should be present at a home inspection? Obviously the inspector needs to be there, but should the seller or buyer be there as well?

Advice for Buyers and Sellers

Ideally, it’s a good idea to have just the buyer there rather than both the seller and buyer. Remember, the seller is emotionally invested in “their house.” They don’t want to hear about problems– they’d probably want to deny anything’s wrong with “their house!” Buyers, on the other hand, should be present during a home inspection because it’s good for them to know as much as possible about the home in question. If there are problems, the buyer can ask the seller to take care of the problems before the purchase happens.

Is it mandatory for a buyer to be present at home inspection? No. A report will be prepared and it can be read afterward. However, just like with most things, “being there” is different than just reading a report afterward, right?

While it makes sense for a buyer, in particular, to be present at a home inspection, that doesn’t mean their friends and family need to be present too– they can often distract the inspector. Imagine you were trying to do your job and there were four or five people following you around asking questions– that’d be awkward, right? One person? That’s fine. Several people? That’s too much.

Finally, some home buyers bring their contractor to the inspection. That’s not the best idea because those two will just “talk shop” and/or the contractor will just be a distraction to the inspector.

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