How Does a Home Inspection Benefit Sellers?

Home inspector using tool to help home seller

Home inspector using tool to help home seller

You’re planning to sell your house. Have you considered having a home inspection done before you list it for sale? What are some of the benefits of home inspections for sellers?

Get Ahead of Repairs

When you have your home inspected, you get an idea of whether or not there are any potential repairs that need to be done. Ideally, you can discover problems and have them fixed before putting the house up for sale. This makes your home more appealing, since buyers would rather not have to deal with “issues,” and they certainly don’t want to take on the task of getting repair work done, at their expense, if they don’t have to!

An Accurate Valuation of Your Home

Most homeowners don’t have total awareness when it comes to the true condition of their home– and that’s why an inspection makes sense. It’s better to find issues and fix them so that buyers don’t find them and then want to back out of the deal.

Increase Asking Price

Having repairs done can help “up” the price of a house– improvements can justify asking a couple more thousand for a home. Also, stating that a home has already been inspected can make your house more desirable to buyers– they can see that you took the time (and money) to have the inspection done so they don’t necessarily have to, and this can make your house more “in demand.” Furthermore, buyers can also ask for an inspection such that both the seller’s and buyer’s reports can be compared.

Improve Trust and Credibility

If you, as a seller, want to gain credibility and trust in the house selling process, then get an inspection done. You can tell your real estate agent you’re doing this, and that’s a good thing. Basically, buyers want to feel both safe and secure when they buy a home– they don’t want unexpected surprises. So if there’s a home inspection report detailing the condition of the house, that’s helpful. The report also makes it easier for real estate agents to do their job(s). Saying the house has already been inspected can be a selling point.

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