Things Buyers and Sellers Should Consider When Hiring a Home Inspector

Home Inspector If you hire a good home inspector, you not only find out the problems with a house, but you also learn quite a bit about it, overall. A home inspection can be very valuable in terms of assessing how good– or bad– the house is doing, with a focus on what needs repairing a.s.a.p. versus other issues that’ll need to be considered “sometime down the line.”

Since buying a home is typically the biggest investment a person ever makes, doesn’t it make sense to learn about the place?

If and when you plan to hire a home inspector to take a detailed look at a house, there are several things to consider.

First, find an inspector who knows what they’re doing and has built a solid reputation in the community. Rather than go with the first person someone recommends, do some research to determine how long the person you’re thinking about hiring has been involved in home inspections. Have they done a lot of them or are they an inexperienced newbie? What are their qualifications, certifications, and what have they been trained in, specifically? Did they used to be contractors or builders? Can they answer your questions quickly and easily and in ways you understand? Do you feel comfortable working with them?

Next, when the inspection takes place, you should be there. After all, it’s going to be your house. The inspector can literally show you things up close and in person, which is an easier way to understand things than seeing notes on paper after the inspection. That said, they’ll end up giving you an inspection report. It’s a handy summation of what they found and is worth your perusal. Typically, reports may include photos pointing out parts of the house that need repairing.

Finally, before the inspector comes to take a look at the house, prepare it so he or she can get around easily. If there’s too much clutter, that’s not good. Take time to unlock doors to closets, basements and sheds, or at least provide clearly-marked keys. When the inspector arrives, greet him or her and ask any questions you might have– you’re welcome to follow the inspector around.

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