Signs Your Home Has Mold

A person in blue gloves spraying chemicals on a mold-covered wall
A person in blue gloves spraying chemicals on a mold-covered wall

One of the last things anyone wants to hear is that their home has a mold infestation. Mold can grow in any climate, and any room, so it is important to know the signs so you can take proper steps quickly! Below are some of the common signs of mold in the home.

Dark Spots

Unless you flung paint onto the walls, it’s a safe bet that those brown, black, or green splotches you’re seeing are mold. Many people report first seeing mold spots where the wall meets the ceiling or in closets on the walls. If you notice them, start making calls to get it checked out.

Musty Odor

Do you enter a room and notice a stale smell? Or perhaps you took out a shirt from your closet and noticed it smelled damp and a tinge musty? Those are telltale signs that you have mold growing. While it ranges from subtle to intense, if you notice a musty or stale odor that won’t go away, you should begin checking known spots for mold.

Constant Cough or Sniffles

Mold allergies can range from mild to severe- so while one person may have a slight cough, another could have harsh symptoms. If your house seemingly has no mold, yet everyone has a constant cough, cold, or sniffles, it’s time to call professionals for a mold test.

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