Asbestos & Mold Inspection Services

Mold and asbestos in a home can not only reduce the value of the property, but it poses a toxic threat to any inhabitants. Searching a home or any building for mold or asbestos is crucial to maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment. Cornerstone Home Inspections provides home asbestos and mold inspection services in New Jersey to detect these harmful substances and provide a method for removing them.

The presence of asbestos or mold on a property will not go away with time, though many property owners may seek to ignore the possibility. In fact, these substances become more harmful with the passing of time, as asbestos in walls, ceilings and flooring begins to break down and particulates enter the air, where they are even more harmful. Mold will only continue to multiply in damp areas if not contained and can endanger the entire property and all inhabitants.

Asbestos and mold can be deadly to residents exposed for long periods of time. Ensure that your home is free of these toxic substances with a quick and easy home asbestos and mold inspection. Call today to schedule an inspection in New Jersey and learn more.

The following first three mediums are used to collect mold samples, either by collecting air , carpet fibers, or actual culters of mold. The last media is if asbestos fibers are suspected and tests requested.

  1. Micro 5 Mico Cell is the first spore trap impactor in the industry capable of both personal and conventional air sampling. The micro 5 is proven to have an exceptionally uniform collection trace and is virtually 100% accurate for the entire fungal spore range. (d50 is less than 1 micron!) The micro 5 truly represents the next generation.
    5 minutes 5 liters – saving time and money with unparalleled accuracy
  2. Carpet Cassettes are designed for the collection of fibers and particulate from carpets and other dusty areas. Carpet testing will give you historical data off previous mold contamination Cassettes use a 1″ piece of tubing with a 45 degree bevel fitted to the inlet port, and come preloaded with .45µ & 5.0µ MCE filter and support pad. Cassettes uses a 3 piece styrene housing and helps prevent overloading.
  3. Culterette Swabs are easy to use for surface sampling. Convenient containers are included which can be used for storage and transport.


Used by IAQ Professionals worldwide, the Asbestos PCM cassette is a unique air-sampling cassette specifically designed for the collection of asbestos fibers. Easy to use, sample cassette can be used with any off-the-shelf sampling pump capable of drawing 2.5-5 LPM of open flow air. 24 hour sampling time is recommended for proper collection. Simply take the sample, send the cassette to the lab for analysis and receive a written report of the results (the lab is NVLAP approved).