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Signs You Have a Problem With Your Sewer Pipes

Here’s something you probably don’t want to think about– sewer pipes. Sure, they’re “there,” but they’re not something most people talk about at parties, right? Cornerstone Home Inspections is in the business of discovering problems with homes and other buildings, including sewer pipe problems. How would you even know you have them in the first… Read more »

Warning: Your Property May Need a Sewer Pipe Inspection!

Sewer Line Inspection Graphic

Do you have sewers on your property?  How would you know if it’s time to have a sewer pipe inspection done by a professional? What are some things to look for– or smell for? Foul Smells If you notice weird, foul, gassy smells coming from your sinks or toilets– you might need a sewer pipe… Read more »

Can Your Sewer Pipes Freeze? If So, How Can You Prevent Them From Freezing?

Frozen Sewer Pipes

Like any other pipe, your sewer lines become at higher risk of freezing when the colder weather approaches. If you own a home or building, make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to prepare for the frigid winter temperatures. Here is everything you need to know to protect your sewer lines this winter: What Causes… Read more »

An Overview of Sewer Pipe Inspections

Sewer Line Inspection Graphic

Buying a new home? Before you sign on the dotted line and take ownership of it, it’s important to have a home inspection performed. A home inspection will let you know if there are any potential problems with any aspect of a home. You should also have a sewer pipe inspection completed at the same… Read more »

What Type of Damage Can Happen to Your Property’s Sewer Pipe?

Property Sewer Line Issues

Of course, homeowners can’t see the sewer lines that are connected to their homes. As such, more often than not, they don’t spend a great deal of time worrying about what kind of condition they’re in. Nonetheless, it doesn’t take people very long to figure out when there’s a problem with a sewer line. In… Read more »

Reasons to Have a Sewer Pipe Inspection Before Buying a Home

Sewer Line Inspections

Are you in the process of buying a home? Before you close on it, you should always have a home inspection done. It’ll show you what kind of condition the home is in and let you know if there is anything you need to worry about. However, one important part of your home that is… Read more »