Warning: Your Property May Need a Sewer Pipe Inspection!

Sewer Line Inspection Graphic

Sewer Line Inspection GraphicDo you have sewers on your property?  How would you know if it’s time to have a sewer pipe inspection done by a professional? What are some things to look for– or smell for?

Foul Smells

If you notice weird, foul, gassy smells coming from your sinks or toilets– you might need a sewer pipe inspection to find out what’s going on “down there.” Odors and/or gas from sewer lines could be dangerous to you and/or the people and pets in your home. You want to make sure that your lines are ventilating properly.

Water Fluctuations

Do you seem to have fluctuations in your water levels and/or low water levels? Maybe you have sewer lines that are getting clogged up– and to find out what’s clogging them, you’d hire a company like Cornerstone Home Inspections of Warren, New Jersey, to inspect your pipes.

Drainage Issues

When you take a bath or run the shower, and water drains slowly, or you run water into the sink and it drains slowly, that could indicate a problem with the sewer pipe(s). Furthermore, if you notice “backflow” such that sewage is appearing in places it shouldn’t– like your toilet, tub, sink or basement floor, it’s time for a proper inspection. What might be found? Well, maybe someone flushed too many paper towels down the toilet. Or perhaps someone cooked a burger and its grease somehow ended up going down the kitchen sink drain. It could even be that tree roots in the yard are interfering with sewer pipes, too. You won’t know the cause of the issue until you have an inspection done.

Finally, if you’ve got septic wastewater in your yard, which smells bad and looks bad, too, then it could be that you’ve got a cracked or broken sewer pipe.

Obviously you don’t have the tools or know-how to look inside your sewer pipes– but Cornerstone Home Inspections does. So, call the company at 1-800-648-6187 to schedule a proper sewer pipe inspection and find out what’s going on “down there.”