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Make Sure You’re Not Buying a Home With an Abandoned Underground Oil Tank

Underground Oil Tank in front yard

So you’re thinking of buying a home and you’re not sure you want to have an inspection done beforehand? Well, one of the reasons you should get one is to discover whether or not there’s an abandoned underground oil tank on the property in question. You don’t want to buy a property with one of… Read more »

When Should You Have an Underground Oil Tank Scan?

Oil Tank Locator

When you’re buying a New Jersey home, here’s something you might not expect: there could be an oil tank underground on your property! Buried oil tanks might have been placed there for whatever reason, long ago, and they could be leaking… So, it makes sense to have an oil tank scan (aka an oil tank… Read more »

The Dangers of Underground Oil Tanks

There’s a lot going on underneath our feet that we don’t see. Take, for instance, underground oil tanks. There are more than a million of them buried in the United States, and not all of them are clearly accounted for and/or maintained in great condition. Regulations concerning these tanks didn’t really kick in until the… Read more »