The Importance of Checking For Structural Issues in an Internal Wall During a Home Inspection

home inspection check list for ceiling and walls

home inspection check list for ceiling and wallsOne of the things Cornerstone Home Inspections looks for when inspecting a home is structural issues on an internal wall. This is definitely something that should be done before someone commits to buying a house.

Why It’s Important 

Why is this important? Well, before you buy a house you should know if it has any major structural issues, foundational cracks and/or water damage that may or may not easily be seen with the naked eye. 

Core Support

Think of internal walls as the core of your home. They help carry the weight of your home. If something’s wrong with them, your home could conceivably collapse! What are some things that could cause structural issues? The weather is a major factor with an emphasis on storms. When weather comes through a neighborhood bringing whipping winds or so much rain/snow that there’s flooding in the area, homes can experience structural damages. Metal fasteners, for instance, can buckle, rust, weaken or break. Also, things like leaky pipes can cause water damage to internal walls. 

Warning Signs of Issues 

What are some signs you might have structural issues on internal walls in a home? Look for shifted door frames. Are there cracks in wood structures? Is it hard to open windows or doors? Do you notice any wet insulation or electrical circuits? If you don’t feel too comfortable trying to figure out these things on your own, it makes sense to hire a company like Cornerstone Home Inspections to do a thorough inspection of a house you intend to buy. Professional inspectors will look for both noticeable and hidden issues that could affect your safety. Obviously, you don’t want to buy a house that’s about ready to collapse, right?

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