Home Inspection Services in Somerset, NJ

At Cornerstone Home Inspections, we provide you with the very best home inspection services in Somerset County, NJ. When you call on us to do a home inspection, we inspect the roof, the foundation, the plumbing and electrical systems, and so much more. We can even inspect pools, fireplaces, sewer pipes, and other areas of a home that you might not associate typically with a home inspection. Some of the more unique services we offer to Somerset, NJ, among other locations, are called oil tank search services. We will do an oil tank search on your property to see if you have a tank and report back to you what we find.

Many people are under the assumption that they don’t need to worry about doing an oil tank search on a residential property. After all, wouldn’t a home seller tell you about it if it was there? Only if they are aware of it. We often find oil tanks during sweeps and inspections that weren’t even on a seller’s radar. By providing oil tank search services, we are able to uncover oil tanks that were put out of service long ago. It’s why doing an oil tank search is such an important part of home inspection services not only in Somerset County, NJ, but everywhere.

Unlike other companies that offer oil tank search services, we don’t subcontract sweeps and inspections out to another company. We have technicians who are trained to provide home inspection services such as oil tank searches. By finding an oil tank on your property, we can help you to avoid the contamination that often comes along with a tank that has gone undetected. Tanks can leak and cause issues over time if you aren’t careful, so you should have them removed right away.

Whether you are looking for home inspection services or an oil tank sweep in Somerset County, NJ, Cornerstone Home Inspections can help. Reach out to us at 800-648-6187 today.