New Jersey home inspections post Sandy

Inspections after Superstorm Sandy

Now more than ever will you need an inspection after Superstorm Sandy and the Nor’easter that barreled through last week.

Water, especially moving water, is the most erosive force in nature, and goes for water, lots of water flowing in to your home during the massive storms the past two weeks.

There’s no doubt damage was done, but damage may have been done that you are not award of yet.

If you are about to close on a home this month, do not sign that paper unless you get another inspection done – the home needs another inspection. In fact, FEMA has already red-flagged homes that have had inspections within 90 days, telling them they will need to get re-inspected before they can sell.

And wouldn’t it make sense if you were a buyer to have another New Jersey home inspection before to turn the key. Although the owner may have cleaned up the mess left by Sandy, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to home inspections and that’s where we come in.

Call us today if you need a re-inspection of your future home, today.