Home Inspections in Morris County, NJ

Cornerstone Home Inspections provides home inspections in Morris County, NJ, among many other services. One of the most beneficial services we provide to customers is an oil tank search. You might not think you need to check a property for an oil tank since it seems like something a seller would tell you about but some property sellers aren’t aware that they have one. With an oil tank sweep and inspections from Cornerstone Home Inspections, we can detect the presence of an oil tank for you.

Locating oil tanks on a property is important because as long as the tank is there, there’s a chance it could leak and contaminate the property forcing you to do the cleanup. It could also force you to deal with contamination of your soil. When we carry out home inspections in Morris County, NJ, we always offer an oil tank search as a service to consider.

Most home inspection companies in Morris County, NJ, aren’t familiar with doing an oil tank search. At Cornerstone Home Inspections, we are fully qualified to do an oil tank sweep and inspections of your property. It’s just one of the many services we provide for homeowners in and around Morris County, NJ.

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