Professional Home Inspections in Hunterdon, NJ

Do you have reason to believe that a property you own has an oil tank located somewhere on it, or are you currently in the process of buying a home and worried it may have an old oil tank somewhere near it? Cornerstone Home Inspections in Hunterdon, NJ, can help you. We provide people with professional home inspections featuring all of the services you would expect from a home inspection company. We can inspect everything from the foundation of a home to its roof and all of the things in between. However, you should also consider having oil tank searches done on a property. Even if you don’t think an oil tank is present, oil tank sweeps can uncover them and save you from encountering major issues after the fact.

Doing oil tank sweeps and inspections in Hunterdon, NJ, is important because oil tanks can contaminate a property if they leak. Often times, oil tanks stay in the ground for years and years simply because people don’t ever bother to have an oil tank search done. While Cornerstone Home Inspections can do oil tank searches rather easily, many people opt not to have them done and when their tank leaks, they are left to deal with the chaos that follows. Cleaning up a contaminated site can be costly and it can also ruin your soil. By allowing Cornerstone Home Inspections to do oil tank sweeps during a home inspection, you can rest easy knowing you don’t have to worry about a leak on your property