How to Keep Your Pool Protected This Summer

Outdoor Swimming Pool
Outdoor Swimming Pool

It’s almost officially summer which means it’s time to reopen our pools! On a hot summer day, there’s no better feeling than diving into a swimming pool. 

However, before you dive in, make sure you are following some pool safety precautions to protect your pool this summer: 

Building a Fence Around Your Pool 

One of the best safety precautions that homeowners can take is to install a fence around their pool. Keeping a barrier around your pool will help keep kids and animals away from the water when you’re not around to supervise. Keep in mind, when building a pool fence, you should make sure that your gates open outwards and self-close and self-latch. 

Even if your pool is above ground, you can enclose the steps or ladder to the pool with a small fence. 

Re-Think Your Diving Board 

Diving boards have been known to cause a lot of injuries in the pool. Even if you know how to dive, there is still a chance that you can slip off the board and hit your head if you aren’t careful. If you don’t find yourself needing your diving board, it’s working, re-thinking, and considering removing. 

Inspect Your Pool Area for Slip Hazards

Before you dive in, inspect your pool area for safety hazards. Always check to ensure that there aren’t any objects lying around that could cause you to trip and fall into the water. After you’re done using your pool for the day, you should always make sure that your floats, tubes, and other pool toys are safely stored away.

Also, damage to your pool surfaces such as cracked or worn tiles or faulty ladders can be a slip hazard. 

Install an Alarm System By Your Pool

As an extra source of protection, consider adding an alarm system to your pool. That way, when you’re not around, you will get an alert if anyone is trying to enter your pool. Believe it or not, pool alarm systems have proved to be so effective that some states require homeowners to install them as they’re building their pool. 

Get Your Pool Inspected

If you have a pool, or you’re considering purchasing a home with a pool, schedule a swimming pool inspection with Cornerstone Home Inspections.

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