Get Your Pool Inspected in Time for the Summer

Swimming Pool Inspections Cornerstone Home Inspections is involved in taking a close look at a number of items in and around a home, from sewer pipes to chimneys. Cornerstone also inspects swimming pools. Plenty of folks have outdoor pools in Northern New Jersey, which is the area we serve. As the weather warms up, now’s a good time to have Cornerstone inspect your pool before this summer starts. It’s better to discover a problem now than in July when kids want to use the pool, right?

The average person probably doesn’t know what to look for concerning their pool’s structural integrity. They want to be able to swim and play in the pool without any hassle, and that’s fine. When’s the last time you had your pool inspected to make sure everything was a-okay?

Cornerstone inspectors look for cracks in and around the pool, as well as damages the owner might not easily see with the naked eye. Furthermore, inspectors check the installation of various pool-related items to make sure they’re doing the job they were intended to do. Is the appropriate electrical bonding in place? Are the pumps, filters, and heaters in good working order? Is any piping exposed? Why isn’t one of the pool lights working? Is there an electrical problem somewhere that needs fixing?

With a pool, you don’t want leaks. Cornerstone inspectors check for leaks. Using a detailed method of inspection, they look for cracks, discoloration, worn areas and open joints. The pool surfaces and tile, as well as the items surrounding the pool (like decking, ladders, and electrical outlets) are also checked.

Owners like having their pools inspected for peace-of-mind. They want to know that their pool is in decent condition and isn’t going to cause them major headaches when the sun is shining in the summer months. Cornerstone gives same-day inspection reports summarizing what they found with pictures of any issues that need addressing.

Call 1-800-648-6187 today to schedule your swimming pool inspection in Northern New Jersey before summer arrives.