4 Signs It’s Time to Have Your Septic System Inspected

Septic Tank Inspections

Your septic tank is an underground system where your wastewater flows for treatment. If cared for correctly, your septic tank can last for decades. To properly take care of your septic tank, make sure that you are getting it inspected about every three years. However, if you notice any of these warning signs, you should address them immediately!


Water or Sewage in Your HomeSeptic Tank Inspections

If you notice any water or sewage creeping into your home that is a sign of a full septic tank, and it needs to be pumped! If you notice water or sewage in your home, there is a strong possibility that something is blocking the pipe between your home and your tank. Clogs in your pipes can form by dropping food down the drain and flushing nonbiodegradable products. Overall, sewage in the home can be hazardous, and you should address this issue immediately.


Green Grass Patches

Patches of very green grass can be caused by a leakage of wastewater from your septic tank. Wastewater can act as a fertilizer to your grass, helping it grow. Another red flag of a septic tank leak is seeing dead plants around some areas of your yard and not others. 


Water Pooling in Your Yard

On rainy days, if you notice water pooling in your yard, this can be an indicator that your septic tank is full. Often, excessive rainfall can prevent your septic tank from draining. Look out for small lakes forming in your yard, and if you notice any, it is a serious indication that your septic system should be pumped immediately.

Strong Odor in The Home

If your septic tank overflows, gasses have nowhere to travel. This may cause them to emit from your sinks and toilets in your home. The stench is unpleasant and smells like sewage. Having this smell in your home is unhealthy and needs to be addressed. 


Replacing your septic system can cost as much as $15,000 to $40,000. That’s why you should make sure that your septic system is running smoothly by getting it inspected! Cornerstone Home Inspections uses a septic system professional for every septic system inspected. Are you interested in getting your septic system inspected? Contact us today with any questions!