Do you need an Oil Tank sweep?

Cornerstone Inspections, NJ home inspectors,  performs oil tank sweeps for the occurrence of an underground storage of an oil tank.

stilt2jpg-a87517bb91b7deb9_largeIf you have had an oil tank in your home, or an oil fired furnace, there is a possibility of having an underground oil tank in your yard. The problem with these abandon oil tanks is that it could leak whatever oil is remaining in there, which could result in a major expense, especially if trying to buy a home. Lots of times, current home owners are unaware of having an oil tank buries in their yard. People have made the conversion to gas and would forget about checking, then when an oil leakage happens, they’re footed with the bill.

If one of us makes a suggestion to have an oil tank sweep, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Our oil tank sweeps go on an outward direction of 30-feet from the home and our detection equipment reaches a depth of 8-feet.

We do not perform the removal of the oil tank, but the inspection of one that could be in your yard. When getting a home inspection for a perspective buyer, this task is very important and could save you lots of money in unwarranted costs.

Here’s an old story from on the affects an oil leak from a tank could have.

Photo Credit: Martin Griff/The Times